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Site Supervision

Construction Supervision

  • PMC Site Engineers prepare a monthly visit plan for the sites at the beginning of month.

  • Based on this plan, they conduct the routine inspections at site and update the visit plan to the project coordinator. A daily construction supervision report is prepared by Site Engineer. 

  • Project coordinator monitors the fulfilment of inspection visits as per plan and prepares a PMC Engineers daily visit summary.

  • Planning Engineer coordinates with the contractors and PMC Site Engineers to compile the contractors site progress.

Mobile App Based Project Reporting System

A system for mobile app-based project reporting by field engineers and a web-based dashboard for view of the daily reports by project stakeholders has been developed for the project.


Project reporting specific App was developed and installed in the mobile devices of all the visiting PMC site engineers. Site Engineers will visit the sites as per planned schedule and fill the observations for the day using the mobile app to generate the consolidated daily inspection report.
The output daily inspection report file comprises of the following sections:

  • General Info (Project name, ID, Weather, Manpower, Equipment at site)

  • Observations & suggestions related to quality, progress and safety

  • Construction Material Received

  • Testing done at field & site laboratory

  • Construction Activities for the day at various building blocks with photos

  • Checklist for activities inspected


The App allows the data to be filled at any time of the day and compiles the data in the approved report structure. The reports are stored in secure server on the app developer. All reports will be reviewed by Team Leader / projects coordinator before approving for viewing. To view the reports, a website with access control has been created and login and password are provided to project stakeholders.

The dashboard provides statistical presentation on the inspection visits and user can view all reports during the entire project duration. At the end of the project, All the data will be archived.


Reports generated in the daily supervision process

Contractor's DPR

Daily Progress Report  summarises work progress achieved by the contractor at each site along with other relevant details.

Consultant's Supervision Report

Construction Supervision Report is prepared by the visiting Consultant Site Engineers. Report contains progress, materials testing & quality control checks. Reports are generated daily by mobile based app and published on app portal.

Reports are submitted to DLPIU and CLPIU to update on progress and smooth implementation of the project

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